Tallinna Kiirabi on tööandja ligi 350 inimesele.
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Tallinna Kiirabi is an employer to nearly 400 people, 80% of which work in ambulance crews – doctors, nurses and ambulance technicians – providing emergency medical service. The core service is supported by administrative staff on a 24/7 basis.

Introduction period Starting as an employee for our organisation means you will have an extensive but supported introduction period. We teach you to get used to the intensity and peculiarities of thenew job. Concerning crew members - at first, two to three shifts you are working you observe the work together with a personal mentor. After those shifts we slowly integrate you in all kinds of procedures and situations which occur. Next to that you have to attend practical trainings and pass an assessment exam. Passing the exam gives you the certification to work independently. Other trainings are attended upon needs.

Tallinna Kiirabi has a well-known place in Tallinn’s society for almost more than 100 years. Because of a changing society our organisation has been growing rapidly during the last decade. We feel fortunate that we attract more and more new employees who want to work for us. In the last five years our organisation has doubled from 175 to nearly 400 employees.
Nearly 80 % of our employees are working as medical staff in a crew. The core business is 24/7 organised and supervised by a team of an operational department - manager, operators and a field manager. This team is supported by an administration staff – human resources, finance, training centre, pharmacy, property, IT and others.
Equipment and the environment are modern and consistent with modern needs and expectations. For personnel providing the core service, conditions are well developed. Headquarters and 7 other stations are stored with kitchen, rest areas, computers and other sanitary facilities. Our headquarters offers gym facilities which are open to all employees.

In order to keep skills and knowledge updated, our employees follow trainings, courses and lectures given by Tallinna Kiirabi’s training centre or attend conferences advertised by the training centre. Visiting these conferences are extremely important in order to stay connected to new developments concerning our (medical) field.
In case of interest individual employees are asked or can participate in training exercises or special projects. More specific personal education needs are discussed with one’s manager, who is responsible for every employee’s development.
Tallinna Kiirabi supports everyone’s self-determination working for us. We offer a good working climate in dedicated teams with focussed colleagues where teamwork is the priority above personal performance. We are a vital, client-orientated, innovative but also sometimes traditional organisation. Our main internal focus is development.

During last 5 years our staff is grown from 175 in 2010 up to 415 ambulance man and -women in year 2016.

  • 175 2009
  • 345 2014
  • 400 2016
Supporting work environment

When working in an ambulance crew helping a pregnant lady with giving birth to her baby, reanimating a person who has critical heartproblems, your job at Tallinna Kiirabi is an intensive one. It requires a good physical condition, a high stress tolerance and also a very open mind in different situations where you always have to find the right solutions. We are well aware of what the work of a paramedic does to the mind and body. To recover we have resting, eating and trainingfacilities to keep you in the best shape. As innovation is one of our values, Tallinna Kiirabi can assure you that those facilities are of the highest and most modern standards.

Assessment interviews

We practice assessment interviews for monitoring how someone is coping, and if there is a need for a change to have better cooperation. Performance interviews and development talks are practiced in administrative personnel as well as in medical teams. In a complicated environment we want to make sure that people potential is used most carefully.

Special projects

Tallinna Kiirabi offers several (medical) projects where you can participate throughout the year. Our strongly optimised administrative team is always in need of people who want to take part in those single projects.

Salary and benefits

We have a stable and structured salary and compensation system. Our salaries are competive and with the immaterial benefits it means that Tallinna Kiirabi places herself even a bit higher in the market. Do not expect to become rich working as a paramedic, as working for Tallinna Kiirabi means following your passion and to be a well-respected caretaker for the society.