Anname meditsiinilist abi keskmiselt 85,000 inimeseleaastas Tallinnas ja lähiümbruses

TEMS is your first partner for transportation of a patient from Estonia or to Estonia from all over the world! We are always here to support your event with medical aid!

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“ The ambulance team who helped me was completely focussed on me as a patient, they were tolerant and found immediately the right solutions in my medical emergency. It is good to see that there are great and competent people in the medical service of Tallinna Kiirabi

Tallinna Kiirabi safeguards all kinds of public events in the city of Tallinn and neighbouring villages throughout the year.

You will find our off-duty nurses and technicians with reserved ambulance vehicles at sporting events (soccer, marathons, ice hockey games, etc), concerts (indoor and open air), conferences and even high profile (foreign) meetings.

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Our helpful ambulance teams transport patients who are recumbent or have a physical disability. He or she does not have anybody around who can bring him or her to the medical institution they need to go to. We cooperate with family doctors, local authorities, hospitals, nursing homes and other partners.

We take orders for transportation during workdays from Monday to Friday from 9.00. Orders are filled according to the sequence of the coming orders. During weekends we do not usually provide transportation.

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People requiring ambulance transportation from or to another country in order to return home are helped by us. We arrange safe transportation by ambulance vehicle and if necessary by ship, plane or helicopter – as needed.

Tallinna Kiirabi has, in cooperation with our foreign partners and insurance companies taken care of people all around the world, to bring them from their destination back to their home or hospital in Estonia – from Egypt, Spain, India, Thailand and even Australia. We are proud to mention, with those specific transportations, that we cover the world for every Estonian citizen who is in need of medical care. The cost of transportation service abroad depends on the total cost including ticket prices, expenses for equipment, crew accommodation, etc.

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Bicycle Team
To offer first aid services in the narrow and crowded streets of Tallinn’s Old Town and City Centre we created ambulance bicycle teams. The flexibility of those teams have been proven from the beginning with their success in helping citizens and tourists in need of first aid or emergency help. The team navigates these extremely busy areas of Tallinn much easier than by car, which means that they provide the fastest possible care. We are proud to mention that our bicycle team is unique in Estonia. In our point of view a good example of constant innovation is to provide care to Tallinn`s citizens and tourists. And, it also makes us even more visible in Tallinn’s day to day life.